This is where we live!

​ Palmer Park in Winter.  Ya gotta love it!!

In Honor of Jim Beaudet W0JJB (SK)

Most of Jim's equipment was donated to local HAMS by his Family

Our Future Club House

Just a Little "FIXIN' UP" and

she'll be good a new!!

2014 Colorado Veterans Resource Coalition

Crawford House Special Event

August 16, 2014

Cottonwood Pass Area

West of Buena Vista on SH-103 or US-24 East of town

The following photos were taken on our trip at Rainbow Lake Resort in July 2014

Second Annual V7ARC Picnic (August 2016)

Photos compliments of Art, KE0CQF & Rosemary

W0DUU Antenna Rebuild Project (2014)

This was the first "officially" organized Hams helping Hams project.  Jim, W0JJB, was a major contributor in the formation of our club.  He was the one who, normally, instigated my getting a breakfast together.   Our first breakfasts were fun and unevenly spaced throughout the year and sometimes well attended and sometimes --- WELL Not!.  However, we have survived and have grown to where we are today.

First Annual Club Picnic (August 2015)