"Jim Net"   V 7ARC Frequencies

 146.460   Simplex

 147.180  T (100.0)            
448.600 T (114.8)            
447.350  T (151.4)            

146.910 T (151.4)            

              146.790    Pueblo                           

147.350 T (107.2)            


Local Nets 

Mon.    1900 - 2 Meter SSB ARES Net 144.220
Tues. 2000 - 160 Meter  Western Kansas Net 1.960
Wed.  1900  - Provident  Veteran's Net 146.910 (151.4hz)
Thurs. 1900  - 10 Meter Net with Doc  WOMCT 28.390 

Daily    1900  - Columbine Net with Sid K4ARM  3.989

M-F     0630 - RV Service Net Various NCs 7.184

​Daily   2000 - Southern Colorado Traffic Net 146.97 (100hz)

​Daily   0630 - Colorado Amateur Radio Weather Net 3.945


Since the club has no treasury, we will accept donations toward maintaining the web site.  Please keep in mind that we are not asking for donations and under no circumstances is it required but would be appreciated.

Our Vice President, Ray received this "Hillbilly Plug Bar" for his attitude of always being ready to go help a fellow HAM when needed.

V7ARC January 2015 Meeting

Not Pictured is Jim N0EM

These are the majority of our V7ARC Club Members.  Sorry Bill and Jim, it appears I missed all but your arms.  I will try and do better next time or have someone else shot it.

Thank You for your generosity.

All donation will be used to support the web site and club activities in the coming year.

These ladies are another very important facet of our Club - our Spouses, 2 of whom are licensed.