W0JJB (SK) Antenna Removal Crew

The Crawford House  

415 S. Weber 

Colorado Springs, CO 80903

Local Nets 

1900  Mon.  2 Meter SSB ARES Net 144.220
2000 Tues. 160 Meter 
Western Kansas Net 1.960
1900 Wed.  Provident  Veteran's Net 146.910

1900 Thurs. 10 Meter Net with Doc W0MCT 28.390

1930  Thurs. "Jim Net" Special Event Discussion

​           (When needed)                   

"Jim Net"   V 7ARC Frequencies

 146.460   Simplex

 147.180  T (100.0)
448.600 T (114.8)
147.350  T (151.4)

146.910 T (151.4)


Site for our First V7ARC Special Event Station

Eagle Scout Project

Flag Pole Installation and Flag Ceremony

The Crawford House (A place for Homeless, and other needs, Veterans to come to get their lives back together) has been chosen as the purpose of our Saturday, August 16, 2014 Special  Event.  Dave, KC0HPT, Gerry, KD0VNQ and I have been working on getting organized.  The flyer has been designed and is available on the Event page "Special Event" tab.  We will have a sign up sheet for available equipment (Transceivers, Antennas, Tuners, meters and etc.) at our "Jim Net" /V7ARC breakfasts  Rudy's Little Hideaway at 945 S. 8th St.  All of the equipment may not be used but it would be nice to have some back up equipment on-site.  We would, also, like to have a vintage equipment display at the event so if you have anything for that, please sign up and bring it to the event.  If our vintage equipment is working properly, we plan to feature it on the air for at least one band.  I feel that we can make this event a huge success and maybe an annual affair.   This will also be the topic of discussion for our breakfast meetings.