President             David Jarmuth, KBØKQI

Vice President     Doug Ducote, ADØTP

Treasurer             Ernie Spillane, AF1RM

Secretary             Tom Bonifas, KCØYVW

Special Events    Steve McKee, KEØRSI

​​Club Officers

Our club strives to be welcoming to all--most especially non-ham members of the family. We welcome spouses, children, parents, etc at all of our activities and encourage current and prospective club members to bring the family along!

Our Humble Beginnings

                                                                                                           by our founder, Jim Romines (AB5SI)

As some of you know, I was active on the Geratol Net in the Extra Class portion of the 80 meter band for several years.  In the winter of 2003-2004 we had a shortage of Colorado Club stations on the Net so I decided to do some homework and get a Club set up to help out the net.  Additionally, we had several new Hams in the Colorado Springs area who were in need of some additional Elmer help.  The Village Seven Amateur Radio Club (V7ARC) was born in March, 2004.  We have a very active community and a very high degree of expertise in the hobby and electronics in general.  I contacted one of the most active members on our local simplex frequency (146.460), Ray KG0SS, who was very supportive of the effort to establish the club and agreed to serve as the first Vice President.  The main premise of our club is to help new Amateurs become better operators and give them much needed encouragement and mentoring.  Our members are always willing to share resources – spare parts and reasonably priced equipment.    Since its inception in 2004, numerous new Hams have been helped by our members and those who join in the conversations on the frequency each day. 

The thing that many do not know (until they show up at a meeting) is that this is, basically, a Social Club. We do participate in Amateur activities but at day's end, we are a social group with vested interested in HAM RADIO!