Field Day Photo Galleries

What is Field Day?

In the words of the ARRL, "Field Day is ham radio's open house." Every year on the fourth full weekend in June, tens of thousands of hams across the nation set up temporary stations that are run on mobile power. Often, these stations are in public places, allowing us to demonstrate both the practicality and joys of amateur radio to passersby. For some, this is an excellent time to experiment with unconventional power sources, antennas, and radio equipment; for others, it's the ideal moment to bust out their tried-and-true emergency response setups. Regardless of each individual's take on this nationwide event, it's a wonderful time to get a bunch of hams together to engage with each other and the public about this fascinating hobby of ours.

Our Field Day location has changed for 2023!

Please refer to the bottom of this page for additional information.

Over the years, we have taken many images at our Field Day events. The links below will take you to separate photo galleries for each year. These and many other photos can also be found on our Facebook page. If you've taken photos at any of these events and would like to see them added to our galleries, please contact Heather at

One of our members has kindly offered to host our Field Day event on his private property this year.

For Field day 2023, we will be located at:

26520 Mid Jones Road, Calhan, CO, 80808

While we have welcomed your four legged friends at Field Day in the past, our host asks that you refrain from bringing any dogs to his property.