We would like to show some appreciation for the members of our V7ARC group!

Our members are some of the most caring individuals in the hobby,  Thank you for your continued generosity.  Because that generosity, we are able to maintain the web site and help the Banning Lewis Ranch Academy kids.  The Technician Study Guides that our members donated allowed the students to check out the guides for home study.  

Additionally, we have some member who have donated equipment to the BLRA Club:

  • Ernie, AF1RM donated a new Yaesu FT-60 hand held that he won at the Mega Fest last year.
  • Dan, KD0UQP donated two handheld radios.
  • Dave, W5DUU donated an antenna tuner for use with the club station and experiments with antenna design.
  • Others have donated significant time and talent to the group.

I have, probably, omitted someone but if so, it was not intentional.  All your help and donations are greatly appreciated! 





Thomas, KE0IJL has become the first member of the Banning Lewis Ranch Academy School Amateur Radio Class of 2015-2016 to pass his Technician Test and receive his license in March then passed his General Class in July.   We have observed him as he prepared for his test and he is always very attentive in class and ready with correct answers to questions posed by the club sponsor, Mr. Ed Mierzejewski (N0WGD).  He is, also, excited to be involved this year.  For the 2016-2017 school year, Thomas is always there to help the newer students by drawing diagrams and helping them understand the material.

Thomas' diligence in preparing for his license exams has paid off and he was awarded a brand new Yaesu FT-60 hand held radio.  Ernie, AF1RM donated the radio for the first member of the current class.  Ernie was not able to attend the meeting due to feeling poorly, we presented the radio so Thomas could get on the air right away.  We look forward to hearing him on 146.460 and now HF this season.                                                                  CONGRATULATIONS Thomas!!!

In recognition of the dedication and support for the Banning Lewis Ranch Academy Radio Club Radio Club (BLRA) over the past year, the Village Seven ARC was recently presented the Amateur Radio Community Partnership Award by Ed, N0WGD, BLRA  ARC sponsor.  We have formed a very close relationship between the two clubs.  Members of the V7ARC try to visit the school club once a week to encourage the students and assist with question and operating technique suggestions and ideas. 

We are very sad to announce the end of an important era in many young prospective Amateur Radio Operators lives!  The last year for the BLRA Radio Club was the 2017-2018 school year.


Banning Lewis Ranch Academy

Amateur Radio Club