We would still like to get an on-the-air Swap Net on 2 Meters going.  Please give one of the following some feedback about your feelings about this venture.  Email, Phone or Face to Face would all be acceptable.  Another option is that Doug, AD0TP is putting a 220 repeater up at his house and would support having the swap net there.  

Jim AB5SI 

Dave, KC0HPT


For Sale:  2 Icom XLR4 Heil Mic to Icom Radio Adapter Cables.  One is XLR4 to 8 pin round.  The other is XLR4 to Modular plug. 

New Price is: $35 Asking $25 ea. Plus Shipping

Contact Jim, AB5SI @ ab5si@comcast.net

Yaesu Radio for Sale

Contact:  Art


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 Does anyone have a 9:1 balun that they   can  part with? I was initially told that I   needed a 4:1 and it worked ok, but now I   have a new radio that has a bit more   sensitivity so I am thinking that I should try   a  9:1 and see if the antenna can perform   better. I have a 80m wire line dipole, fed   with 450 ladder line. It should use a 9:1 by   all of my research.

Thanks, Doug, K0LEF

Yaesu FT-920

has the FM board installed but includes no other options. It does include a hand mic and a new power cable.

 I am asking $600.00.

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