Carver Elementary School

Amateur Radio Club

Meeting notes/updates on the club activities

After a long search and many school visits, we finally stumbled onto a new school club to support!!

During our 2019 Field Day, one of the faculty members from Carver Elem. stopped and spoke with us.  Little did we know that she would carry the information to their Principal, Missy Hollenbeck, AAOOF.  Missy reached out to me via email and  we set up a visit with her at school and were extremely pleased with the reception we received.   The new club will start on October 1, 2019.  We will meet on Tuesday and Thursday between 1400 - 1500.   It sounds like the format will be much the same as Banning Lewis Ranch Academy.   We plan to work with the members (students and Adults) on:

  • Operating procedures
  • CW
  • Technical lessons to prepare them for their first Amateur License

We certainly would like to thank you, our club members, for your continued support!


Missy, AA0OF, Dave, KC0HPT and I are very pleased with the dedication, excitement and progress of our six young up and coming HAM Radio Operators.

The slide show below is from our last session where the students learned to solder.  They really enjoyed the experience.  

We had our first meeting on October 1, 2019.  We had six members of mixed fourth and fifth graders.  They seem very enthusiastic to learn CW!!!  That means the Dave and I have little excuse for not learning (or relearning) it.  I only wish I could be as happy with that mode as Missy, AA0OF and the  the students.  

George Washington Carver