•      From S. Carefree, turn south on Serendipity Cir. W.  Take the next left to Serendipity Cir. E.
  •      Continue to Midsummer Lane and take a right.   ​The park is on ​ the curve.

About the only less than desirable thing about this meeting location is there are  NO RESTROOMS.

​..   However, there are a couple businesses with restrooms and are within approximately half mile. 

​Local   Events

Our last “in person” meeting was in February – then we were faced with a new challenge.  The Covid 19 Virus certainly put a damper on the world’s activities and we were definitely not left out!  Our  “On the Air (OA)” meetings have gone very well.    Doug, AD0TP is the primary  NCS and Art, KE0CQF secondary NCS and both do a great job!


Our Special Event last year was a big success and everyone had a great time.  The only real problem was the limited space for antennas and stations.   We would like suggestions for "Causes", Locations (with lots of space), and ideas.  Also, if this is a project you would like to take the lead, please let us know. 

  • If you have a suggestion for another event, please contact Rick, KD0GB, Dave, KC0HPT,  or Jim, AB5SI

Club Officers

               President:               Steve Schaarschmidt, K0CI

               Vice President:       Doug Ducote, AD0TP

​               Secretary:               Art Hollingsworth, KE0CQF

               Treasurer:               Gerry Schroeder, KD0VNQ

                Special Events:     Rick Hendricks, KE0GB

               Board Member:      Jim Romines, AB5SI

               Board Member:      Dave Nelson, KC0HPT


​Additionally, Heather Ducote, KE0JOU has volunteered to take over the webmaster duties.

Special Event/Activities ??

So far this year, most Ham Fests/Conventions have been cancelled due to Covid 19 Virus.  New information will be Posted when availalbe.


Upcoming Ham Fests & Swap Meets for 2018

Post Meeting Swap Meet

(Back by popular demand)

Bring you gently used gear

​​​​​Please bring your own chair and breakfast.    Also, it's a great place to bring family and friends!

Plan to share a good time with friends and like minded folks!  Have a great time and maybe pick up some badly needed goodies or some good Junk to add to your Treasure Box.  

Date:      4th Saturday Each Month

Time:        0900 until  ?

Location:  On Air or in Natural Park within Village Seven

We will continue our "On Air" Meeting on the K0IRP Repeateruntil further notice​ 


                   FREQUENCY:      146.910 - Tone

​                  DAT/TIME:             4th Saturday     0900    Each Month 


​​​​​​​For those who would like to order a Club Name Badge, they may be ordered at any time.  See Dave KC0HPT or Jim AB5SI at breakfast and we will get it ordered.  As with most things, in our society, the price of badges has increased.

The price is now $12.00.  (our club retains $2.31 of the $12.)

Feel free to let us know how you feel about this change.  Please contact one of the Board Members with you comments.

To list your club/area activity, please use the Contact Us page and give a complete description including ​Date, Time, Location, etc. for your event or send me a link to your club's information page. 

Local Event Listing

For Colorado Springs and  Surrounding Area