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Our last “in person” meeting was in February – then we were faced with a new challenge.  The Corona Virus certainly put a damper on the world’s activities and we were definitely not left out!  Our March and April “On the Air (OA)” meetings went very well.  We had around 20-25 participants for both events.  Doug, AD0TP is the NCS and does a great job.  Thanks Doug?  With the latest news, it appears that our May meeting may be at the normal location and inside.  In April there was a discussion about if we are able to meet at the IHOP, we may have an afternoon on air meeting on 146.910 (151.4 Hz tone) for those who are unable, or not willing to take the risk and go public.   The afternoon, OA, meeting time to be announced later.  Anyone interested in some vintage equipment, Jim & Dave still have some of WD0DI’s equipment available.  The information and contact information is on the at www.v7arc.com/ Buy Sell Trade or Give Away page.

Our Special Event last year was a big success and everyone had a great time.  The only real problem was the limited space for antennas and stations.   We would like suggestions for "Causes", Locations (with lots of space), and ideas.  Also, if this is a project you would like to take the lead, please let us know. 

  • If you have a suggestion for another event, please contact Rick, KD0GB, Dave, KC0HPT,  or Jim, AB5SI

Club Officers

                 President:          Steve Schaarschmidt, K0CI

                Vice President:  Doug Ducote, AD0TP

​                Secretary:          Art Hollingsworth, KE0CQF

               Treasurer:           Gerry Schroeder, KD0VNQ

​Additionally, Heather Ducote, KE0JOU has volunteered to take over the webmaster duties.

Special Event/Activities ??

If you have information about upcoming HAM Fests/Swap Meets, please email me the information and I will get posted here.


Upcoming Ham Fests & Swap Meets for 2018

Some members continue to support the IHOP where we have always been treated well and made to feel welcome.  I understand they are open for dine in now but with Social Distancing.  Still the majority of our group choose to eat in the parking lot and socialize afterwards.  Hopefully, we will be able to resume our "Eyeball" meetings sooner than  later.

From N. Academy,  Turn East on Jamboree, between Saltgrass Steak and Red Robin,  then North into the 1st parking lot.  IHOP in NW corner of the lot.

 Date:    Saturday,  We hope to resume our meetings at this location when the Stay at Home Order is rescinded... 

For the present, we will continue our "On Air"

4th Sat. at 0900

                       146.91 - Tone - 151.4 Hz.                             


​                 8065 N Academy Blvd
           Colorado Springs, CO, 80920

   ​              Just north of Red Robin 

Time:       0900 - 1100 

​​​​​For those who would like to order a Club Name Badge, they may be ordered at any time.  See Dave KC0HPT or Jim AB5SI at breakfast and we will get it ordered.  We do need to have a minimum of 5 badges to place an order.  I, currently, have two orders.

The price is $10.00.  (our club retains $2.50 of the $10.

To list your club/area activity, please use the Contact Us page and give a complete description including ​Date, Time, Location, etc. for your event or send me a link to your club's information page. 

Local Event Listing

For Colorado Springs and  Surrounding Area