No June


 Date:    Saturday, July 28, 2018                                     

Location:             The Egg & I

​   733 N. Academy Blvd. 

Colorado Springs

(At the Citadel Crossing Shopping Center

in front of Lowes)​


Time:       0900 - 1100 

To list your club/area activity, please use the Contact Us page and give a complete description including ​Date, Time, Location, etc. for your event or send me a link to your club's information page. 

Local Event Listing

For Colorado Springs and  Surrounding Area

​Local   Events

After fielding so many complaints about Mimi's Menu, Service, and Price, we requested suggestions for a new venue for our monthly meetings.  We received a couple and tried the East Coast Deli, Downtown in May.  That was really good with the exception of the poor parking situation.  Sarge's Grill was another suggestion so several of us have tried it and the food, prices, location, and parking are really good so the decision was made to move our meetings there starting in July.  

Our Special Event last year was a big success and everyone had a great time.  The only real problem was the limited space for antennas and stations.   We would like suggestions for "Causes", Locations (with lots of space), and ideas.  Also, if this is a project you would like to take the lead, please let us know. 

  • If you have a suggestion for another event, please contact Dave, KC0HPT,  or Jim, AB5SI

Special Event/Activities ??

If you have information about upcoming HAM Fests/Swap Meets, please email me the information and I will get posted here.

Upcoming Ham Fests & Swap Meets for 2018

​​​For those who would like to order a Club Name Badge, they may be ordered at any time.  See Dave KC0HPT or Jim AB5SI at breakfast and we will get it ordered.  We do need to have a minimum of 5 badges to place an order.  I, currently, have two orders.

The price is $10.00.