• From N. Academy turn East on Maizeland Rd.
  • Turn Left on Radiant (just past the Shopping Ctr on Maizeland
  • Turn Right on Tee Time
  • At the stop sign turn right on Serendipity Cir. East
  • Turn left on Midsummer Lane and go to the apex and park.  The FD site will be to the West (Natrual Park)

Our FD event was a success.   Those who attended had a great time and the location was really friendly to setting up and spacing out antennas and stations to minimise interference.   We  made some contacts but we also had a very nice weekend.  Setup/Tear down was accomplished very efficiently. 

We had three stations operating:

Art, KE0CAF (Voice and Digital)  

Steve, K0CI (CW)  on Art's Station

Gerry, KD0VNQ with  Loren, W0ELS (Phone)

Rick, KE0GB (Stationary Mobile)

We had pizza thanks to Steve, K0CI and other donations for chips and drinks.  

Heather, KE0JOU  shot many photos over the weekend.  

Thanks to all who participated and donated for lunch!

Village 7 Amateur Radio Club (V7ARC)

Natural Park in Village Seven

Field Day - June 22-23, 2018

Operating Hours:  1200LCL Sat to 1200LCL Sunday

​Scroll down for directions.

Setup/Tear Down

Saturday 0830

 Sunday  1200 

For Questions abour our FD operation, contact: 

AD0TP, Doug

2019 Field Day

Slide Show

Since we do not require membership dues, donations towards club activities and website maintenance are always very gratefully received.

Thank you for your generosity!