V7ARC 2018 Field Day

Held at Natural Park in Village Seven

KE0CQF - Field Day 2015

St. Francis  Medical Center

AB5SI - Field Day 2015

St. Francis  Medical Center

Field Day 2014

A Typical Schroeder Family & Friends Outing

2015 Field Day

​At St. Francis Hospital

V7ARC 2016 Field Day

with MEREO


ST. FRANCIS HOSPITAL for the use of the property for the 2nd year!

The Schroeder Family

The photo is of the Schroeder family.  We are proud to have their Three Generations of Amateurs in the Village Seven Amateur Radio Club.  Gerry is especially active in all aspects of our club.  Loren and Christopher Put the Field Day operation together for 2015 and 2016.  I would like to personally thank them for all their contributions to our community.