SORRY ART.  I really don't know how but your shack photo dissapeared!





Silver Eagle D-104 on Top

MFJ 4245 Power Supply

MFJ 267 Dummy Load/Power-SWR Meter

Photo is Toni (a very special young Lady!)

Yaesu FT-991 with MD-100 Mic

Below the monitor from left to right:
Radio Shack HTX-252 2 meter FM transceiver.
Heathkit GC-1000 clock.
Yeasu FT-991 HF/VHF/UHF AM/FM/SSB rig. On top of it is a Radio Shack DSP unit that I only use as an amplifier and volume control for the Yaesu below it.
Kenwood TH-D72 dual band HT.
Baofeng UV-5R dual band HT.
Behind these are an Astron RS-35A power supply and a Yaesu FC-20 antenna tuner.
Top shelf above the monitor are a few of my AM/FM broadcast and shortwave receivers.                      From left to right:
Blaupunkt Vienna 21103 AM/FM/SW receiver. On top of that is a GE Superadio 3 AM/FM receiver.
Grundig G5 AM/FM/SWS/SB portable receiver.
Radio Shack DX-398 AM/FM/SW/SSB portable receiver.
Zenith D7000Y AM/FM/SW receiver.




Ft-857D - battery powered, 
2m jpole,
​inverted V's for several bands. And a YT-100 tuner for the rest.  TR-296FDX 11 meter. IC-2000 2 meter. Radio Shack DX-390 shortwave reciever. 


This Ray KG0SS with a portion of his equipment.

The radio pictured is his Swan 700 and 2 D-104 mics. Not pictured are his Kenwood TS-950 and Icom IC-275a 2 meter all mode.

The photo in the upper left corner is when Gerry was a Frashman in High School and also ran a successful radio/tv repair shop.  The young lady is his younger sister.

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Top:       Kenwood TS-2000

Bottom:  Kenwood TS-590SG

Side Shelf: 

Tokyo Hi Power HC-2000 Antenna Tuner

Kenwood TS-530S

Dentron Clipperton L Amp.



Microphones:  Left to Right:

  Heil PR-781 Boom    Kenwood MC-90


Top of Hutch Collection: 

Kernwood MC-85

Sure 450

2 Astatic D-104

Electro Voice Model 638

Electro Voice Model 975 (Crystal)

Your guess is as good as mine but I like it.


Send me a couple photos of your "pride and joy" shack and show it off to everyone!