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Dave, KC0HPT

Jim, AB5SI

Date:     June 30, 2017

Our special event was a success.  After some "learning experiences"  we got the equipment set up and ready to operate.  One of our main objectives was to check into the Southern California VA Hospital New on 14.455.  

We had a few Vets come and either listen or, actually talk on the radio.  We have been invited back next year.  We are looking forward to another visit.  The date will be changed to a "non holiday weekend".    

2018 Special Event

Normandy Invasion


Date: June 6, 2018

Village Seven Amateur Radio Club

Special Event Information

Spanish Peaks Regional Health Center has provided assorted healthcare and education resources to our health systems for 2 decades. SPRHC is the rural leader in hospital management, with clients across multiple counties. As a health resource, SPRHC offers a Patient centered Medical home within a Family Clinic, Outreach Clinic, Specialty Clinic, Surgical Team, Critical Access Hospital, Swing Beds, PT/OT, Laboratory, Imaging Department and Spanish Peaks Veterans Community Living Center.

Spanish Peaks Regional Health Center is located on the high plains of Southeastern Colorado just three miles west of the rural town of Walsenburg, Colorado in Huerfano County. At an altitude of 6200 feet, our climate is mild, with cooler summers and warmer winters, and the air is crisp and clean.

Under a contract with the State of Colorado, the health center is operated by the Huerfano County Hospital District, a Colorado Special District, directed by a 5 member, county-elected  Board of Directors.   Learn more about our Board Of Directors.

Overlooking Lathrop State Park, with the spectacular Spanish Peaks serving as the backdrop, our health center consists of these visible units: Spanish Peaks Hospital, Spanish Peaks Veterans Community Living Center, Spanish Peaks Family Clinic and the Spanish Peaks Specialty Clinic. Also located on our campus is a dialysis center, owned and operated by an international provider of dialysis services. Located in the town of Walsenburg is our Spanish Peaks Outreach & Women's Clinic and located in the town of La Veta is our Spanish Peaks Family Clinic - La Veta branch.

Operators Present: 

Dave, KC0HPT
Gerry, KD0NVQ
Smitty, K0ELS
Rick, KE0GB
Jim, AB5SI

Spanish Peaks Regional Health Center

Walsenburg, CO